In Crisis? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255



Here is what some of our beneficiaries have to say about our work with them:

1. I love and appreciate your dedication to people struggling with these issues. My life has never been the same! Plagued with depression and post traumatic stress disorder, plus a bunch of other forms of psychiatric issues that over the years have shown up. Your passion has influenced me to get back up. I will always have my illness, but you have giving me the strength to not give up my fight. I love you soo much! Thank you again for doing what you do. I was born to fight, trained to kill, ready to die, but never will! Semper Fidelis.

2. Dear carol, I got my first 100% check from the VA today for 29,500.00! I cannot tell u how thankful I am. Life is not all about money, but It sure does feel better to have it! Love you! You saved my life! A year and a half ago I never imagined how things are working out, u changed my whole life! : )))

3. I am thankful for all you have done to allow me and my family to not be homeless this year. I love you and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.  Semper Fidelis!!!

4. You are my HERO! I love you soooo much! I'm still crying because this is such a heartfelt video. You are the most greatest beautiful person I've ever met. You give me HOPE and that is really all I need.

5.. I wish I was well enough to tell the whole world about what you have done to help me and my family.

6. After two  years and two months I finally received retroactive compensation from the VA in the amount of $61,000.00. I cannot thank you enough for your help in making this happen! Before your help, I was only receiving 58.00 per month for a family of 5 and was at high risk for suicide. Thank you so much.

7. The frig is now full! Thank you, I also looked up all the schools in washington State this morning. I called all of them to see if I could cet you some help for your September 1 event but that were all closed until 28 August. I am going try and locate some ROTC people in your area to let them know you need more support. "NEVER DOWN"  thats what we used to say in our unit.

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