John’s Journey Day 9

Sorry for the day late post for day 9 all. I was on a flight back home from DC and missed John’s call. so here it is

John walked 27 miles to Bonham, TX. It rained fot aproximately two hours of his walk but he was grateful for the cloud coverage.

The American Leigon put john in a hotel for the nigh and had made arrangements for someone to pace him to his next destination….Honey Grove, TX .

OFW has been receiving email messages from many to thank us for supporting John in his walk to raise awareness of PTSD.

I am at a complete loss for words as i had no idea the problem was as great as it it.

What is sad about it all is where do we begin to treat those who have suffered for so long?

My feeling is that the community has been waiting for something like this for a very long time.

I am honored that we get to be that voice.

Please feel free to call John at 254-734-5597 to offer your support.

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