Johns Journey day 10

Receive a call from John this evening as cheerful as ever.

John reports that when he arrived to Honey Grove, no one was at the church where he was supposed to be staying. As he is standing there thinking…I hope I don’t have to sleep in this tent after being spoiled for so long…along came Nina and Lloyd, Nina is 80 and Lloyd is 81.

They asked John if he was the guy that was walking cross country and he said yes so they told him that they were tasked to put him up at their house. They took John home fed him, left him in their home and off to church they went.

God bless good people like Nina and Lloyd in Honey Grove, TX. Next stop for John….. Paris, TX.

Again OFW would like to thank the Patriot Guard, the VFW, Fire Department, Police Department, Chamber of Commerce and all the other wonderful people that have been selfless in helping this a safe and successful journey for John.

The OFW team will be greeting John in DC so if you would like to participate in the festivities please be sure to let us know.

Out in left field I just saw on the news that a group called project healing waters is using fly fishing to treat PTSD. If you are interested in learning more they say to contact the Seattle VA.

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