John makes it to Paris, Texas!

Well John made it to Parris, TX today after 22 miles of walking.

His feet are not holding up so well, he has blisters   and I feel it for him.

Either way he is more motivated more than ever and want to try and get more ground covered during the course of the day now that he has someone to pace him.

OFW would like to give a special thanks to Wayne from the Patriot Guard who walked three miles with John today, and to Doug who provide dinner for John and invited people from the community to dine with them so they could hear John’s message.

I can’t wait to hear from john about his adventure tomorrow.

Thank you to the great state of Texas for stepping up to the plate and taking care of John.

God bless you all  for helping us get the message heard. As always this is a walk to change and  save lives!

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