Helping Soldiers Nationwide Since 2008

Treating veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder with dignity, respect, and love.

What We Do

Help Us Purchase a Cool Bus

The bus will be used to get them out of their homes and help them to reintegrate back into their communities on their terms. We want to educate the communities these veterans live in on the rule of engagement. We want people to know when anyone with PTSD regardless of how it was acquired, to not take it personal, and not to respond in anger, instead respond with love, understanding, kindness and most of all compassion, respect the space and “DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING THAT PERSON DOES PERSONAL” It’s not you, it’s not them, it’s just the trauma you are seeing acting out

Supporting Our Veterans in Overcoming the Stigmatism Associated With Acquired Mental Disease Caused by Severe Trauma

In the COOL BUS, we will have life couches, therapists, and other veterans who have been able to overcome the trauma.

The veterans will receive therapy, counseling, and mental support to help them get back to their feet and reclaim their purpose in the community.

How Can You Help?


You can donate once or every month to support this noble cause. Your generous contribution will liberate a shut-in veteran who will be of great help to our community in the future.


Our COOL BUS need life couches, therapists, and veterans who have overcame trauma and depression. Become a volunteer and be part of our community. We need your services, time, and expertise to accelerate our mission.

Spread the Word

You can also help by spreading the word to friends, families, shut-in veterans, and relatives of the existence of OFW. Spread the love and help us in raising awareness of the PSTD veterans and how to treat them.